targenio AIR

targenio AIR is our CRM software for airline customer service.

targenio AIR helps you to reduce the cost of handling customer service irregularities, whether they occur before, during or after the flight. The handling of customer concerns regarding delays, rebookings or cancellations, baggage damage, baggage loss, claims according to EU VO 261 or other service requests can be processed easily and efficiently with targenio AIR. At the same time, you will delight your customers with fast processing and individual treatment of their concerns.

Summer will be hot again.

Flight failures, cancellations, rebookings, delays lead to a sudden increase in complaints and complaints.
Ground, air, and service center capacity, which shrank during the Corona pandemic, will not be able to handle the load. The result: long processing times, irritated and frustrated customers, increasing pressure on the employees in the service center and the question for you whether you have customer service under control and can handle the situation.
And now support from your own IT? Pooh…

Everything under control.

With targenio AIR you significantly reduce the efforts and costs for processing customer concerns in the service center. By freeing your employees from tedious routine tasks, such as filling in fields or tedious research in any system, they can concentrate on value-adding activities.
At the same time you delight your customers with individual and excellent service. Proven workflows for feedback management and scalablecustomer self-service mean you’re always in control of your service, and no major event will make you sweat.

Reliable and proven.

Four European hub airlines have already been successfully managing their customer feedback management with targenio AIR for years.
Airline know-how, process knowledge and our decades of experience in customer service form the DNA of targenio AIR.
Since the modules and processes of targenio AIR are optimally adapted to airline customer service, targenio AIR can be used immediately. Resource-consuming projects and difficult coordination with your IT department are a thing of the past, since targenio AIR can be used directly by you as a cloud solution.
Through constant enhancements, we adapt targenio AIR to changing customer needs and continuously increase the level of automation, so that you are also optimally positioned for future challenges.

Here the most important information
about targenio AIR.


targenio AIR supports the processing of customer concerns end-2-end – from entering his request of the customer in the contact form, through the decision of the concern to the creation of the solution (transfer, sending coupon code, response letter, etc.). targenio AIR is designed for a volume of 1,000 to 100,000 transactions per month as standard; for higher volumes, we scale the operating environment in the cloud.

Automatic filling.

Through parameterized (!) interfaces to the airlines systems: Ticket System | Flight Information System | Reservation System | WorldTracer | PNR | SAP | CRM System | E-Mail Server the employee in the service center has direct access to all information necessary for processing the customer request. This eliminates the annoying and error-prone process of filling in fields and time-consuming research for information.


In order to use targenio AIR, you have to calculate with a project budget starting at 150.000 €.
We would be happy to prepare an offer for you that is suitable for your task.


targenio AIR can be available for you within a few weeks.
In our experience, coordination of interfaces (e.g. for firewall activations) always takes a little longer, so that you usually reach full productivity with targenio AIR after 6 months.

Everything worth knowing
about targenio AIR.

Input channels

targenio AIR supports all common input channels through which guests articulate their complaints, such as contact form, e-mail or letter.


The processes in targenio AIR are optimally adapted to the requirements of airline customer service and enable structured, transparent and individual handling of customer feedback.


Creating a response letter, booking a payout or sending a voucher is done quickly and easily with targenio AIR.


targenio AIR has the following prepared interfaces:

  • Ticket/booking system
  • WorldTracer
  • SAP FI
  • Flight Information Systems
  • CRM


You can use targenio AIR from the cloud, in your own data center or as SaaS. We will be happy to calculate the operating and maintenance costs for you.

Costs and realization

targenio AIR is a ready-to-use solution that can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. We are also happy to customize targenio AIR according to your requirements.

Process Consulting Feedback Management

Still unsure if your processes in CFM are still up to date? Our cooperation partner Fried & Partner helps you to make processes lean and customer-oriented.


This is us.
The creators of targenio and targenio AIR.

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Oliver Rütten

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